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Posted 8th August 2013

Looking forward to a better future

Asel is a single mother recently arrived from Kyrgyzstan. She is currently staying at the House of Peace and looking forward to the completion of Marie Rose Place. Here she tells of her recent experiences.

"Hello. My name is Asel. I am a newcomer from Kyrgyzstan. I came to Canada with the hope that my daughter and I would have a good future but it never materialized.

One month ago, I was staying in a cheap hotel not knowing where I would go or what I would do. I didn’t feel safe. I was totally alone and was so scared. The only thing I ate everyday was toast and coffee in the morning so I could save my money. How was I going to survive? I was so depressed.

I tried to call several shelters and they said there was no room. Someone told me about the House of Peace so I phoned and left a message. The very next day S. Lesley called me and said, “Come over.” I was so surprised. I felt like a miracle had happened to me. Thanks God, I never believed I could be in such a safe and beautiful home. I have friends and support from so many people. I feel so welcome.

A second miracle happened when I heard about Marie Rose Place, a new project for newcomer women right next door to the House of Peace. Marie Rose Place is important to me as a single woman, as a single mother in a new country. It gives me hope that one day I will be able to bring my daughter here and hopefully we will have a beautiful, two bedroom home at Marie Rose Place.

The foundation of Marie Rose Place represents for me the foundation of the rest of my life in Canada. Now my days are filled with lucky and happy moments. I have hope and believe in a better future. Now I believe in myself and I believe that people will always be kind to us. I feel like today is a new page in the book of my life.

Thanks God, for Bob Dick and Hargrave Holdings, for the House of Peace and for all Government support.

Thank you for giving single, newcomer women this chance to live in the heart of the City where all the immigrant and refugee services are located.

May all the construction workers be blessed as they begin to build Marie Rose Place, our new home.

I feel so happy and can’t wait until the construction is finished.

Thank you.
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