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In choosing to accept God’s call to consecrated life,
we make the vows…

of chastity
we strive to experience through faith the intensity of God’s love.
of poverty
we choose to live simplicity of life in an on-going conversion of heart.
of obedience
we seek to discern the will of God in an attitude of interior freedom.

Our mission is rooted in a spirituality which is inspired by the Names of Jesus and Mary. This mission aims at the full development of the human person.

In fidelity to the spirit of our Foundress, we collaborate in the Church’s mission of education, with emphasis on education in the faith, with a special concern for the poor and disadvantaged.

Education in the faith demands of us active involvement in the promotion of justice.

From schools of YESTERYEARS to today’s NEW HORIZONS in diverse ministries we work to attain for all people more equitable conditions of life.


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Friday, September 20, 2019