Our mission

In fidelity to the spirit of our Foundress, we are a community of women religious consecrated to God, in the Names of Jesus and Mary, who desire to proclaim by our lives the primacy of the love of God. Moved by an active love, we collaborate in the Church’s mission of education, with emphasis on education in the faith, and with a special concern for the poor and disadvantaged. (Constitutions – No. 3)

Marie Rose Durocher was a woman of faith, love and hope. Attentive to the needs of her time, she founded the Congregation for the apostolic mission of education, a mission aimed at the full development of the human person.

“We recognize that the charism and mission of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, which has been entrusted to us by God and by the women on whose shoulders we stand, is gift and grace for us and for our world.” (Acts of the 2016 General Chapter)

We also recognize that we live in a society facing many challenges and that we are called upon to find new expressions of our mission in order to respond to the complex issues facing our world and the Church today.

Through time and place, our ministries are characterized by concern for the poor and those suffering from injustice.

Ever since our founding, we have emphasized creativity and artistic expression among our members, students and mission partners.

Prayer, life in community and collaboration in apostolic networks support our commitment and strengthen our ministries.