Balmoral Residence

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Balmoral residence opened on March 1, 2019.  The 104 years old house is situated on Balmoral Street close to downtown Winnipeg. The house is rented and the owners are our next door neighbours.

The goal of this community is to offer single women an opportunity to be part of a group where members dialogue with each other and nourish each other’s courage, dignity, mutuality and equality.  We hope to build a community of women who want to live out significant and liberating practices.  We will reach this goal according to how willing we are to give the best of ourselves and, in the meantime, learn how to accept the best of others.  We hope to create a peaceful and revitalizing living place.  We will open our doors to people in our midst who would like to join us for a special event or for a prayer time.

The words of Pope Francis encourage us: “Do not be afraid to listen to the Spirit suggesting an audacious choice, do not procrastinate when your conscience asks you to dare follow Christ.”

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Esther, Lia, Jenny and Sr. Huguette enjoy their very first meal at 92 Balmoral Street.