St. Mary’s Academy….The House the Sisters Built

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The House the Sisters Built is a video production of Salt and Light Media, the Catholic TV channel available in Canada. The video aired on January 9, 2019 as part of the Catholic Focus series. The episode highlights the history of St. Mary’s Academy, focusing on the positive impact the school has had on its alumnae, the Church and Catholic education in Manitoba for the past 150 years.

Sr. Mary Gorman, Sr. Susan Wikeem and Connie Yunyk, Associate and current President, reminisced about their experiences as students and administrators. Connie also spoke about the school’s strategic plan and guiding principles for planning during the next few years. Sr. Michelle Garlinski, Director of Charism and Mission, spoke of the challenge of finding new ways to meet the needs of students while remaining faithful to the charism and legacy of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

All four spoke with pride of the positive contributions that St. Mary’s Academy continues to make, well beyond the local school community, through its students and staff.

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