Associates Outreach Project

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This is our third year of formal outreach planned for all Associates to participate. This year, 20/21 we decided to contribute to Thrive Community Support Circle that offers a variety of services and programs. The Associates chose to contribute to the Baby Layette Service. Thrive has volunteers to sort what they receive and they purchase extra items from cash donations. New born babies are provided with everything they need when they leave the hospital. Beautiful blankets, clothing and other items are put together in a package to provide for the needs of new mothers and new fathers.  To keep within Pandemic guidelines and for the safety of all, Associates decided only one person should deliver the items.

I was full of joy the days I went to the Thrive office to bring the donations from all of the Associates. The opportunity at this time when we have to find new ways to help was an emotional experience as I pictured a lovely newborn all ready to go home. It was very gratifying to be received by them. They thanked me profusely and then a few days later I received a hand written thank you to all Associates from Rhonda Elias-Penner, Executive Director.  She wrote, “thank you for the overwhelming support…and know how important these generous donations are for our littlest “Thrivers” and their families!”

Jean Van Walleghem