House of Peace Neighbours Pray for the World

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Twenty-One Neighbours currently live at the House of Peace, a residence for newcomer women located in the heart of Winnipeg. Recently Sister Lesley Sacouman, Executive Director, described how the Neighbours were responding to the pandemic crisis:

“We are doing our best to stay healthy by keeping social distance and exercising daily. Seven Neighbours still work in the community as cashiers, cleaners and health care workers. We are proud of them.  Since March 18th, at the suggestion of one of the Neighbours, those who wish gather to pray every evening from 8:30 to 9:00 in St. Francis Chapel. Neighbours are Hindu, Muslim, Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic. We pray in silence, united with all peoples throughout the world.  At sunset, around 9:15, we sit down to eat with our Muslim Neighbours who are faithfully observing Ramadan by fasting from food and water all day. A shining star in our home is Gradine, our three-week old baby.  She and Furaha, her mom, lift us up and brighten our lives. We have so much for which to be thankful.”

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