Sister Carol Peloquin’s Legacy Lives On

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Sister Carol’s legacy was evident as we celebrated Kathleen Mico and Brian Godkin who are retiring from Future Hope (Next Step and Quixote House).  They both have given so much in their ministry with released offenders.

Sr. Carol enlisted Kathleen as a volunteer at Next Step, then mentored Kathleen to take her place when she retired. Carol continued as a volunteer.

Sr. Carol journeyed with Brian for years and saw his potential. She asked him to take on the role of house manager at Quixote House, a home for released offenders.

When people spoke of the help given by Kathleen and Brian over the years, they so often mentioned Sr. Carol’s involvement. Interesting, too, is that the replacements for Kathleen and Brian had also worked with Sr. Carol and see her as an inspiration.

Future Hope is critical to reintegrating men into society. Its significance is demonstrated in Kathleen’s words, “I have learned so much since 2007 mentored by Sr. Carol. I’ve grown and learned to be compassionate. I am honoured to be of help to the ‘guys’. It certainly has been reciprocal. It’s been a spiritual journey, guided by God’s hand.”

Brian spoke of the generosity of ‘the guys’, “we all have issues; we all make mistakes and we have to move on. Forgiveness is a big part of this. It is a mutual journey where healing can start. I give the credit to God for this.  My time here has been inspiring – it has been a ministry of love.” 

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