SNJM Manitoba Associates Retreat

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The Associates annual retreat took place at St. Mary’s Academy on Saturday November 26, 2022 with Sister Lesley Sacouman presenting “Love is made Flesh”. The retreat was organized by the Associates Spiritual Committee.  About 26 members, sisters, and guests were in attendance.

The morning began with an impressive spread of cookies, muffins, and loaves to enjoy with coffee and chatting with each other.

Kitty Kelly welcomed everyone and introduced Sr Lesley with: “Sr Lesley began as a Catholic school teacher, on to working in the inner city, on to welcoming newcomers to our city. She is presently the Executive Coordinator of the Holy Names House of Peace, where 20 refugee women make their home.”

Sr Lesley’s friendly tone and demeanor are so perfect for our group as we continue to try to become closer to Jesus with the help of our Blessed Mother and Mother Mary Rose. She gave us food for thought and questions about why we were there that day, what is our greatest desire right now and where in our lives can we hear sheer silence. It was the beginning of advent so we were asked “are we willing to wake up, begin again and turn our will and life over to God?”  The final reflection was of Christ on the Cross and the words “Love is made flesh, …through you, … with you…and in you. My thought every day is: Everything flows through Him.”

Patti LeBlanc, feeling empowered, thanked Sr Lesley for coming and presenting to us. We are truly grateful.

The Spiritual committee members organized by Chris Butterill are Elizabeth Grover, Patti LeBlanc, Kitty Kelly, Margaret Kingdon and Tonina Fiorentino.

Written by Jean Van Walleghem

Photos by Sr. Marylyn Gibney

Featured image Sr. Lesley Sacouman and Patti LeBlanc