Seamstresses Respond to the Pandemic

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On March 22nd, a group of retired nurses responded to the critical shortage of gowns and masks for front line workers by recruiting volunteer seamstresses. One of the retired nurses, associate Lise Hamelin, asked Sr. Marguerite Mulaire if she would collect sheets from Residence Despins. Sr. Marylyn Gibney spread the word by approaching other Holy Names Sisters, the Associates, and past and present teachers from St. Mary’s Academy. They were asked to donate or to get involved in making gowns and masks. People swung into action, happy to be of service. Along with the nurses, the volunteer seamstresses created more than 500 gowns, 1000 masks, and 100 caps for two doctors’ offices, the Birth Centre, St. Amant, and Doctors Manitoba.

Thank you to associates Lise Hamelin, Mary Morton, and Joy Beauchamp. Thank you teachers Deb May, Bernadine Letkeman, Saratha Joseph, and Linda Dart.